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Some zombies just messed with the wrong Mexican…and Buffy!

If this groovy-lookin’ Call of Duty expansion pack were the entire game, they’d have my $60.00 faster than you can say “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”  And, yes, the trailer’s grindhouse thing is sooo 2009, but whatever, it’s still terrific.

Junkpile – 2.10.11

Junkpile is a semi-regular feature wherein I dump all the random stuff that isn’t fit for its own post.

Aaaaand I’m back.

Frankly, blogging’s been the last thing I’ve wanted to do lately. In October, my wife and I found out we’re having another baby at the end of May. In December, I found out I’m being laid off at the beginning of March.

You don’t have to be Detective Chimp to figure out where the problem lies there.

Couple that with a death in the family early this month, three birthdays, four doctor’s appointments, and trying to juggle extra work to try and convince my employer to maybe, just maybe, keep me on, and you can see why I haven’t been able to muster much enthusiasm about the bologna going on in Hollywood or the comics industry lately.

Still, I find myself with some free time today, so let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

IO9 has a new design. Of course, the problem with IO9 has never been the site’s design—the problem is that the site’s tagline states “it comes from the future,” yet its news and coverage always feel a week late. And don’t even get me started on their ‘reviews’…

I guess I shouldn’t feel bad about getting laid off—even Guitar Hero has been given the pink slip. I just picture Axel Steel continuing to tear off some licks as the cane pulls him towards the curtain, stage left.

Final Girl’s Stacie Ponder has diversified and started Jill Sandwich, a new blog focusing solely on video games. As always, Stacie’s writing is sharp and hilarious, and her take on games is most definitely more casual than what you’ll find on most other gaming blogs.

I fully admit that Jesus Orellana’s short film ROSA seems to pay not-so-subtle homage to two or three dozen other movies, games, and book covers, but it has an aesthetic I like a lot (as one of the commenters over at Twitch remarked, it definitely feels a bit like the work of Tsutomu Nihei) and I have a weakness for gothy robot warriors.  Plus, the film clocks in at about eight minutes, which sounds right for a project like this.

In my absence, Sean T Collins and Matt Weigle have turned their wonderous Destructor stories into an ongoing webcomic, and now in COLOR. I posted a link to the first Destructor strip many moons ago, and my enthusiasm remains strong for the world Collins and Weigle are building here.

Speaking of webcomics, Axe Cop continues to astound. Making a great thing even greatier, there’re some animated films based on the first few strips, and a neat live-action interpretation of the first adventure. Your life won’t be complete until you indulge.

Yes, I will see a movie called Frankenstein’s Army, particularly after watching this promo reel (NSFW). Hopefully, the filmmakers will have better luck getting this movie off the ground than they had with their “nazi zombie invasion by hot air balloon” concept a few years back.

No, I have no idea what game David O Russell is talking about here, but it sure isn’t Uncharted.

Al Columbia’s interview with Robin McConnell (who really needs to get his Inkstuds iTunes subscription thingee worked out) finally yields the answer to the age-old question, “So what ever happened to Big Numbers #4 anyway?”

Speaking of lost projects, Bioware’s Ray Muzyka revealed this week that they once prototyped a Baldur’s Gate-style kung-fu game on the Infinity Engine called, get this, Five Fingers of Death! This is one of those “you don’t know what your life is missing until someone tells you” moments. Initiate ‘Infinite Sadness’ protocol in five…four…three…

In other game news, apparently Bulletstorm is going to make 9-year old boys run around sticking fireworks up old ladies’ bottoms or something. Kotaku breaks down the latest affront to journalism from FOX news. Comics-own Rick Remender scripted the new multi-platform game.

I truly, truly loved David O’Reilly’s The External World.  No. Really. I loved it. Even more than Please Say Something, which is saying something. Of course, TEW may not be to everyone’s tastes; I spent ten minutes last night trying to explain to my wife why the piano teacher/student bit was so awesome, finally giving up after I had literally brought myself to tears laughing while recalling it.

Ryan Gosling is attached to the Logan’s Run redeux, with the latest draft written by Alex Garland, I believe. I offer this up solely because I have a inexplicable fascination with this particular project; it’s been in the works for at least sixteen years!

Melissa Rosenberg is taking a crack at the screenplay for the Justin Lin-directed Highlander remake. To heighten fan interest in the remake, Highlander cosplayers will be touring the nation’s malls and Subway sandwich shops handing out free severed-head key chains to lucky bystanders.

“There can be only one.” And thankfully.

I’ve started watching Battlestar Galactica. Like Curt Purcell, I’m late to the table for this one. My only reason for not doing so earlier is that the Netflix Instant Watch had restricted the frak’n pilot episode to Disc Only up until a few weeks ago. Now I, too, am soaking up this tense, engaging, and thoughtful military space opera. I might throw up some more organized thoughts at the sister site down the road, although honestly I’m just enjoying the hell out of the show right now.

Lastly, we are just three short weeks away from Dragon Age II, my fellow fantasy RPG nerds. I’ve clocked in more than 100 hours in Dragon Age: Origins and were it not for the fact that I’m punching my way through Mass Effect II at the moment, I’d probably still be playing the damn thing. Not since Baldur’s Gate has an RPG scratched so many itches for me, and to say I’m excited to see what the Bioware boys have come up with for DAII would be an understatement. Luckily, I pre-ordered it before losing my job, so I can sit on my fanny and play it guilt-free for hours and hours come March should I fail to find work before then. My wife is, needless to say, thrilled.


Anyway, that’s enough lip outta me. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Jhonen Vasquez Draws ‘Bioshock’


The image above comes courtesy of Jhonen Vasquez, he of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and “Invader Zim” fame. This article by Vasquez tells how he created the piece, written in his usual acerbic style. Well worth reading for if you are a fan or just interested in the work that goes into making something like this.

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