Rock Albums Reimagined As Book Covers

Some very clever design work from Christophe Gowans.



Major Tom, Your Circuit’s Dead

Bradley Wright


Jeremy Geddes

The Art & Death of the Astronaut | List Off.

Vintage WWII Propaganda Posters

Large Format Posters Blog


Brendan McCarthy on Street Art

Bad Librarianship Now!: Brendan McCarthy on Street Art..

Jason Levesque – Brine

Jason Levesque – Brine | Illustration and Art News for Illustrators and Artists.

Things Look Pretty Good in The Dragon Age

The past week has been pretty busy over here in the Sean Cave. First off, the new job has me working twice as much as I used to, although I do have the benefit of doing it from the big ol’ comfy office chair in the ‘home office’ (referred to in the apartment floor plan as the Dining Room).

The other major time suck of the past week has been Dragon Age II.

I’ll write more about this game once I’ve completed it. It won’t be much of a review per say, but there are some very interesting approaches to story and narrative in this one that I want to talk about.

In the meantime, Stacie Ponder’s finished the game and she’s posted a ‘spoilery’ link to an interview with one of the key art teams for the game. Needless to say, as a Dragon Age nerd, I love this shit. I mean, look at this freakin’ Hurlock…

You Kill Because You’re Paid For It

RHSmith of TCM’s Movie Moorlocks has a Jim Dandy post looking at the movie poster work of Frank McCarthy. In a time where any old schmo with Photoshop fancies themselves a movie marketer (and some of those schmos are even paid by the studios for work that can charitably be described as subpar), this is a fine reminder that there was a period when selling movies was literally an art.



My Art – The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

Photomanipulation, Photoshop CS4

Kaiju on Black Velvet


Beautiful work by artist Bruce White, showing once again that black velvet paintings are not just for folks who vacation in Graceland.

Source: Dangerous Minds and Pink Tentacle

Jon Vermilyea’s 13 Trials of Eternia


Some selections from artist Jon Vermilyea‘s 16 page masterwork, “He-man and the 13 Trials of Eternia.”

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