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Vintage WWII Propaganda Posters

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Sometimes, you need to wake up to some Luscious C and DJ Fist

This made the rounds a few years ago, but it would be a crying shame if this unsung classic of 80’s do-it-yo’self rap were forgotten.

A voice inside my head said don’t look back





Regular blogging will commence shortly, with some changes in format and content. Stay tuned.

Via – FFFFOUND! | Sunglasses years seventies sixties – Occhiali da sole e personaggi degli anni 60 70.



A Special Announcement

Sorry I’ve been so lax on the blogging front, but things have been hectic ’round these parts. And, alas, they will probably remain so for some weeks to come. On that note, I’d like to introduce the latest member of the Belcher girl gang…

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Some zombies just messed with the wrong Mexican…and Buffy!

If this groovy-lookin’ Call of Duty expansion pack were the entire game, they’d have my $60.00 faster than you can say “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”  And, yes, the trailer’s grindhouse thing is sooo 2009, but whatever, it’s still terrific.

Game of Thrones S1, Ep2 – “The Kingsroad” « Positronic Halloween

My latest commentary on HBO’s Game of Thrones is up at the sister site.

Game of Thrones S1, Ep2 – “The Kingsroad” « Positronic Halloween.

Game of Thrones review

Over at the sister site, I have a review up for the first episode of Game of Thrones. I plan on tackling the entire season over there, so be sure to bookmark/follow/feed that site if that sounds like it’d be something you’re interested in.

Statham In Talks For Hackford’s “Parker”

Statham In Talks For Hackford’s “Parker” | News | Dark Horizons.

“Based on the novel series by Donald Westlake, the story revolves around a thief who lives by a code of honor that includes never stealing money from people who need it.”

Not to be a big ol’ nerd here, but having read every goddamn Parker novel Westlake wrote I can tell you that description is not Parker. No sir. It sure as hell ain’t.

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