Sometimes, you need to wake up to some Luscious C and DJ Fist

This made the rounds a few years ago, but it would be a crying shame if this unsung classic of 80’s do-it-yo’self rap were forgotten.


J.G. Thirwell’s Live Venture Bros Medley

You might know him better as the dude behind super-noise experimental crush concept project Foetus, but J.G. Thirwell has been spending the past few years delighting ears with his swanky homage-laden and bombastic scores for my favorite ‘toon, the Venture Bros. I had seen this a few days ago, but it took seeing it on Topless Robot again to remind just how thrilling it is to see Thirwell conduct this stuff live. I had this album on my iPod for about nine months after it came out, and this makes me think I was foolish to replace it with that soundtrack to Toto’s Dune soundtrack…which is also great…what? It totally is!

Ian McKellen and the Fleshtones

Ah, another reason to love Sir Ian McKellen, as if I needed more.

(via Dangerous Minds)

Zola Jesus – Night

White Ring – Roses

Salem – Redlights

Modern Witch – Cinema

Anne Clark – Our Darkness (live)

Mater Suspiria Vision – Haunted House of LSD

(some imagery may not be SFW)

via Warren Ellis

Fall On Your Sword – Shatner Of The Mount

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