Major Tom, Your Circuit’s Dead

Bradley Wright


Jeremy Geddes

The Art & Death of the Astronaut | List Off.


G.I. Robot!

Tom Fowler posted this gobsmackingly awesome commission piece he did of DC Comics’ G.I. Robot yesterday, and I’d be a sorry excuse for a blogger if I didn’t point it out to you. Also at that post, a nifty homage to Neil Gaiman and The Beatles.

Artists – Eric Orchard

Eric OrchardBlog / Portfolio

Found by way of The Comics Reporter

Artists – Will Murai

Brilliant colors and captivating design are signatures of Will Murai‘s work. I love the drama in that Tetsuo piece above.  From his website:

Willian Hideki Murai, brazilian, born in Mogi das Cruzes-SP, raised in Arujá, illustrator, comic book colorist, skateboarder for fun, geek by nature and a nice guy.

Artists – Rob Steen




Illustrator Rob Steen is best known for his wonky work with Ricky Gervais, the Flanimals book series. I find his renderings have the perfect mix of energy (dig that crazy in-your-face  riff on Kirby’s Demon above) and brash imagination, springing from some feverland that’s populated by beasties that are equal parts Rob Bottin and Heironymus Bosch, but with generous dollops of sadness and whimsy stirred in for extra flavor.

Jhonen Vasquez Draws ‘Bioshock’


The image above comes courtesy of Jhonen Vasquez, he of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and “Invader Zim” fame. This article by Vasquez tells how he created the piece, written in his usual acerbic style. Well worth reading for if you are a fan or just interested in the work that goes into making something like this.

Source: Ectoplasmosis

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