Comics – King of the Flies


The fine folks over at Fantagraphics blog, FLOG!, have been serializing the first chapter of King of the Flies, a “suburban horror trilogy” by french comics team Pascal (Mezzo) Mesenburg (artist) and Michel Pirus (writer). This page is from the story “Hellarave” and it looks astonishingly great to these eyes. Check out the first installment here.

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Jon Vermilyea’s 13 Trials of Eternia


Some selections from artist Jon Vermilyea‘s 16 page masterwork, “He-man and the 13 Trials of Eternia.”

Artists – Rob Steen




Illustrator Rob Steen is best known for his wonky work with Ricky Gervais, the Flanimals book series. I find his renderings have the perfect mix of energy (dig that crazy in-your-face  riff on Kirby’s Demon above) and brash imagination, springing from some feverland that’s populated by beasties that are equal parts Rob Bottin and Heironymus Bosch, but with generous dollops of sadness and whimsy stirred in for extra flavor.

Jhonen Vasquez Draws ‘Bioshock’


The image above comes courtesy of Jhonen Vasquez, he of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and “Invader Zim” fame. This article by Vasquez tells how he created the piece, written in his usual acerbic style. Well worth reading for if you are a fan or just interested in the work that goes into making something like this.

Source: Ectoplasmosis

Artists – Connor Willumsen






Illustrator Connor Willumsen brings a stunning and dynamic sense of design and precision to everything he produces. His work is clean, but has the raw, nervy feel of a Paul Pope or Frank Quitely. His comics work has mostly been short pieces to date, most notably in the Image Popgun series. He is currently working on art for the first arc of American Gothic, the new dark fantasy series written by Kurt Busiek.

All of the images above come from his blog.

You can find downloadable PDFs of his comics work here.

Mignola’s Dark Horse Anniversary Cover


For your viewing pleasure, an absolutely stunning piece by artist Mike Mignola celebrating comic publisher Dark Horse‘s 20th anniversary. Nostalgic muted colors working perfectly with Mignola’s trademark deep, inky blacks – this is a first class piece of work. I also love how the light source appears to be the Flaming Carrot’s head.

Source: The Pictorial Arts

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