Death Walks Tonight

Reading China Miéville’s latest novel, Kraken, he references a cartoon I haven’t thought of in years, a classic Happy Harmonies short called “Bottles.” This cartoon holds a special place in my heart; it was the first thing I can specifically point to from my childhood that gave me nightmares. From a rather great post with some history of the full cartoon:

During a dark stormy night, a Druggist is working late making what seems to be a new kind of poison, as the bottle has its top shaped as a skull. The druggist falls asleep, and at this moment, the Bottle of poison comes alive, using a potion to shrink the druggist to the size of a bottle. The druggist awakes, shocked after being magically miniaturized, but his shock becomes marvel as he discovers the secret world of his bottles, who by night come alive and begin to sing.

All very fine and good.

But, it’s the last part of the short that always drove me behind the couch.

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