Junkpile – 07.27.10

Junkpile is a semi-regular feature wherein I dump all the random stuff that isn’t fit for its own post.

Sucker Punch

A few things occur to me after watching the trailer for Zack Snyder’s next movie: 1) the blue and orange palette has been so overused in advertising, film, and art in general that I now take 2D6 damage to my Enthusiasm whenever I see it employed – and yet there are still some undeniably gorgeous shots on display (see above); 2) this thing will probably sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to tens of thousands of Manga-loving, Hot Topic-shopping, MTV video game playin’ teenagers – most of them girls – prior to its release; and 3) Over the past five years, I’ve rewatched Zach Snyder films more often than those of any other director who isn’t Joel and Ethan Coen, Wes Anderson, or Edgar Wright – so there’s a good chance that I’ll saddle up for this.

The Crow Remake Gets Interesting

According to the gossipy little parrots at Bleeding Cool, Nick Cave is rewriting the script for the long-threatened remake of The Crow.  I own a lot of Nick Cave – from his early blistering magnificent turn with The Birthday Party up to and including The Proposition, the last film he wrote for director John Hillcoat. I’m also a big fan of both J.O. Barr’s original comic and the first film (although the latter more for sentimental reasons than any claim to its overall quality). So this news intrigues me. True, I’d be more excited if this was Cave circa Henry’s Dream or Let Love In, but if they let him stick true to his southern gothic, Old Testament-flavored takes on love and violence, this could be pretty great. Or, you know, it could be more like this, which wasn’t…great.

Fanboys and the Infinite Sadness

The only thing more fun than Marvel’s reveals that the Cosmic Cube will play a part in Captain America and that Thor will feature the infinite crossover-generating Infinity Gauntlet is the fevered fanboy speculation on how these items will play into the movies. Mind you, the Gauntlet might just be some Easter Egg thrown into the background while Odin is flossing his teeth, but that doesn’t stop the rabid pontificating and theorizing. Personally, sure, I’d LOVE to see the Avengers go into space and take on Thanos. That would be sweet. But to speculate that this is what’s going to happen based on a prop in a case? That’s just chasing your own tail, son.

It’s Grant Morrison’s World and We’re Just Living In It

Are you a Grant Morrison fan? I am. Which is why I’m excited to learn that he’s scripting a new low-budget sci-fi flick, getting his works Joe the Barbarian and All-Star Superman adapted into films, starting a new Batman title, still working on Multiversity, planning a big DC comics thingee with Geoff Johns, and giving us all ten more pages of Frank Quitely-drawn greatness for a WE3 Absolute edition (oh, and the announcement that Quitely’s also drawing the Charlton Universe/Watchmen riff in that Multiversity line – yipes!).  There isn’t a single project in that sentence that doesn’t make my fan flag unfurl.

Wow, Robert Downey Jr. is Kind of a Dick

Or so it seems to me after seeing him crack wise about a stabbing earlier in Hall H at the Con prior to the Marvel panel. Dude could have literally lost an eye, man. Plus, is anyone else tired of Downey’s pompous swagger and self-magnified air of pop royalty these days or is it just me?

Blah Blah Blah

Still waiting for Amazon to deliver my pre-ordered copy of Scott Pilgrim Vol 6. Finished Batman: Arkham Ayslum (great game, BTW). Been reading lots of Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane and Michael Moorcock Eternal Champion stuff.

That’s all I got. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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