LiT – 05/3/10

Things have been slow ’round these parts, I know. I’ve been writing quite a bit for a comic that should see the light of day later in the year, and I’ve actually been dissecting and taking lots of notes on various comics, novels, movies, and even music to help facilitate that. It’s been a fun process but its just sapped any time I have for blogging. Alot of what I’ve been picking at can be seen over at my Twitter page. Still I realized Twitter may not be the best place to get some of that stuff out, so I give you…

Positronic Halloween

This is nothing more than a place for me to jot down quick notes of all the stuff I’ve been reading. This isn’t a review site or meant to be taken as a place to get my deep thoughts on things. You’ll get my impressions on the movies, comics, etc. I’m ingesting – the stuff I found interesting and don’t want to forget. Only reason I’m making it public at all is that I know I love seeing people do this sort of thing myself, and I figure I can’t be alone. Plus, it takes little time to throw out a TV Guide style write-up on something as opposed to hunkering down to do a thoughtful piece for this dive.

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