Junkpile – 01.12.10

Junkpile is a semi-regular feature wherein I dump all the random crap that isn’t fit for its own post.

39 and the Fear is real

Today is the beginning of the end of my 30’s. First of my friends to reach this dubious hallmark. On the plus side, I share this birthday with Rob Zombie. On the downside, I also share it with Rush Limbaugh. I wish I could say it was a wash, but for all his horrorshow cool, Zombie’s existence cannot make-up for all the ill Limbaugh has done. But then again, I see Howard Stern was born today as well – maybe he and Limbaugh cancel each other out and it’s Zombie and I for the win!

Bill Willingham

Note to Bill Willingham: even if Allie was being less than honest when he told everyone there was some coordination between your series and the Buffy book, your response was, at best, unprofessional. I personally think it’s more douchey than anything else. If you have a disagreement with Joss Whedon or Scott Allie, take it behind closed doors. In my opinion, and many others’ I’m sure, you’re just biting the hand that feeds; Joss Whedon’s work is the bedrock upon which your paycheck for Angel is built. The sandbox you’re getting payed to play in is a sandbox he built, and while you may feel you have a moral obligation to keep readers from spending money on your comic under the false pretense that it will tie-in to Joss’s Buffy work, the shitty tone of your letter pretty much guarantees that this guy here won’t be picking up Angel or any other book with your name on it.

But seeing as how I’m a liberal weenie, I’m sure that’s OK with you.

Good-bye, GaragePunk.Com

Sad news – GaragePunk.com, a place I’ve come to really love over the past year or two, closed it’s doors on January 1st (site organizer and host Jeffery Kopp and his wife are dealing with a tremendously stressful and heartbreaking family development).

The good news is many of the podcasters, if not all of them, will continue to throw up their shows at the GaragePunk Hideout. I have my favorites, of course – Way Past Cool, The Nasty Grind Show, Mystery Action, Haunted Shack Theater, Mushi Mushi, Flying Saucer Rock’n’roll, Sonic Nightmares – but they’re all top notch.

Time to smoke ’em if you got ’em.


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