Junkpile – 11.25.09

Junkpile is a semi-regular feature wherein I dump all the random crap that isn’t fit for its own post.


I wonder if people would hate this franchise so much if it were about the forbidden love between a country music star and a girl from the inner city? I don’t remember much of a stink being made in our circles over The Bridges of Madison County or even High School Musical.  That kind of thing may leave a sour taste in a geek’s mouth, but it certainly never inspired calls for face stabbing. So what puts this franchise on the radar? Geek pundits can go on and on about how horrible the Twilight books and films are, but doesn’t it really boil down to  fan entitlement over vampires themselves? Putting it simply, I think geeks, horror fans in particular, are pissed off that someone has co-opted a piece of their cultural iconography and used it to successfully sell a teen romance. It can’t be the story itself – a teen girl falls in love with an immortal paramour.

But the difference there is that Buffy was a show by geeks that appealed to geeks – it wasn’t designed first and foremost as a love story aimed at young girls. Which brings me back to the sorry truth that I think most geeks are only upset by this franchise because it dared muddy the genre waters and use horror elements in a non-geek approved fashion.  And the worst offense? These “defanged” vampires now have more cultural credit than Buffy…or Christopher Lee…or Near Dark…or Let The Right One In!!! Sparkly “vegetarian” vampires, indeed.

Sad that nobody will take Vampires seriously anymore

Here’s something for you to chew on this Thanksgiving: “Am I really mad at Twilight for making vampires uncool, or am I just mad at myself for not realizing before now that they were never cool?”

And speaking of vegetarian vampires…

Sarah Palin Likes Meat

She says so in her new book. Perhaps she should watch this.

Thanksgiving at the Palin's

What’s in a Genre?

Somebody explain to me how this:

Is a different genre of music than this:

Time to get over your pop bias, dark wavers.


I wish this movie existed, if only so I could watch it tomorrow and fast forward all the boring bits…oh, wait, that’s exactly what this trailer does.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. joeylabartunek

     /  November 26, 2009

    Oh you are being way too hard on yourself. Vampires *can* be cool. Are they always? No, in fact the times they are uncool far outweigh the times they are for my money. But I was bored with vampires years ago, so my opinion is tainted on the subject.

    I think you hit it on the head about geeks being pissed that someone has hijacked a cornerstone of their fiction. And in their defense, and god help me for siding with the crybabies on this but I’m gonna get way nerdy for a moment, if it doesn’t have fangs, goes out in the sun, and doesn’t drink blood I have a hard time classifying that as a vampire. But it’s a fictional/mythical construct, fucking call it what you will, no sweat off my back, ya know?

    But that’s not really the problem for a lot of these folks, the problem seems to be that this is a highly successful genre franchise not aimed at that rank and file geekdom and they feel all slighted by that. Which is just lame.

    Plus, I heard they kiss in the movie and it’s all romance-y and that’s just icky. Or something.

  2. I don’t have a problem with Twilight. At all. I like having something to fun to laugh at – in fact, I’m looking at an Edward action figure I bought Miranda right now that she and I both laugh at every day.
    And I have no feelings about vampires one way or the other – there are some great stories with / about vampires, and it’s the story, not the monster, that delivers.
    Besides, you know me – I’m the guy who loves Leif Jonker’s Darkness, so I’m hardly the last word on vampire chic.


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