On Superhero Violence

This pull between the truly evil villain and the curiously rigid hero causes a lot of fans frustration, and I can certainly understand it.  However, I don’t think the solution to that is more killing, even if it is well-written.  I think we should go the other way.

More bank robbers.  More drug runners.  More art smugglers.  More mad scientists with misunderstood but rampaging creations.  More nuisance criminals like the early Riddler.  More money launderers.  More bizarre (and non-sexual) kidnappers.

Less brutality.  Less parodic violence.  Less sexual assault.  Less ‘this time it’s personal’.  Less crimes that need to be resolved with a death.

More Batman doing detective work.  Less Batman beating up snitches for information.  More Wonder Woman dealing with mythological fantasies and modern-day mindsets.  Less Wonder Woman snapping necks to save the world.

The comic book world doesn’t need heroes that are darker, it needs villains that are lighter.

– Esther Inglis-Arkell, The 4th Letter

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