Comics art as worldview

People confuse sensual with sexy, and confuse sexy with physique. While there’s no reason good comics can’t, or shouldn’t, trip those switches, all the drawings of double-D cups in the world can’t make art sensual. We often speak of “realistic” comics art – there has long been a constant tension, even animosity, between fans of “realistic” comics art and “symbolist” comics art, without much discussion of what those terms really mean in the context of comics – but how realistic your figure work is or how visually concrete your mise-en-scene misses the point; the “realism” that counts in comics isn’t representation of the real world but the palpability, in the mind’s eye, and nose, and on the mind’s tongue and fingertips, of the world represented in the art.

– Steven Grant, Permanent Damage: 10.7.2009

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  1. I can’t agree more!


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